Highlands Ranch #1

A beautiful historic mansion with rock and brick options.  Nature surrounds the buildings in additon to a unique iron gate.  Formal or casual.  

*The mansion has private events booked most weekends in August, September and October for the 2018 season.  If you want to consider a weekday evening session during these months, we can check the mansion calendar for availability.       

Highlands Ranch #2

A lovely old white farm house nestled among nature, dirt paths, and groves of mature trees.  Also featuring a small foot bridge across a dried up brooke.  


Parker #1

A simple meadow with a large bridge, white fence, trees, wild grass, and a small reservoir.  Requires a decent amount of walking.


Parker #2

A quiet, off the beaten path setting with a country feel featuring a cement colored barn with a red/white door and open space.  

Centennial #1

A red barn, silo, and historic white farm house featuring a large wooden porch.  Trees and a creek are within walking distance.   


Centennial #2

Mature trees, wild grass, fallen logs and a creek.  In the spring there are bushes with white flower blossoms.  One of my favorite spring locations, but beauitful all year round.

Littleton #1

An urban setting with multiple backdrops including brick, historic buildings, artistic grafiti, and a ton of variety.  Not as suitable for small children because it does require a good amount of walking.  You will know your children best, but do consider if their attention span would be better suited at location that would require less time to walk around.  


Littleton #2

There is a pond, creek, lots of trees, a fence, and wild grass.  The creek photographs well in the morning only.  However, the rest of the area is perfect anytime. 

Littleton #3

This wading creek is perfect for families who want to get some playful moments of children in the water.  This location also has a small train track that is not in use after business hours.  


Castle Rock #1

A red barn and an additional stone structure with a cute little door.  Some wild and long grasses. 

Castle Rock #2

A gorgeous forest of pines with a wooden bridge, and full foliage.  There are dirt paths that photograph beautifully, and the variety of color is especially lovely in the fall.    


Castle Rock #3

A rustic downtown setting with building backdrops and good variety.  Includes a white barn and some metal siding for more of a country feel.  There is also a creek and some large rocks.   

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