Smash Cake One Year Photography Session in Parker, Colorado | Rudy

Rudy is back!  He’s got one more session to go as a Baby Plan member which you will see a little later this fall when I meet up with his family again for their outdoor family session.  Rudy was such an adorable newborn, and his precious indoor sitter session was a favorite of mine!  Where my Baby Plan babies birthday’s fall will determine which sessions are indoor versus outdoor.  I was so excited for Rudy’s first outdoor session to celebrate his first birthday!  He “smashed” it – literally.  That cake didn’t make it to his mouth once.  But he sure did enjoyed playing, and smashing, and making a big ol’ mess!

As Rudy has grown over this past year, I’ve been so grateful that Mom would take the time to share some precious things about baby Rudy at each session.  This one was no exception!  Thanks, Mom!!

What are Rudy’s favorite things to do?

Rudy LOVES to be outside, whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, a visit to the zoo, a boat ride on the lake with Nonna and Papa, or hanging at the pool with neighbor friends – as long as he is outside, he is a happy camper!

Is he more of a Mommy’s or Daddy’s boy?

I think he is definitely a Mommy’s boy. Dada might be his favorite word, but I think Mama is his favorite person.

What are some of his recent milestones?

Rudy started crawling, pulling himself up to standing position and climbing up the stairs recently. He is a little chatterbox and says new words constantly – some of his favorite words are Hi, Bye, Kiki or kitty cat and ball.

Tell me what it’s like to be a mom to this sweet little boy.

Rudy is my shining bright light in this crazy world! He is such a happy, chill baby and watching him learn and grow and figure things out is one of the greatest joys of my life. God has blessed me and my husband with this most beautiful gift and we are forever grateful for each moment we get to spend with this sweet boy.

What makes Rudy laugh?

I seem to get the most Rudy giggles when I blow raspberries on his tummy while hanging him upside down or when I toss him into the air. He also loves to play peek-a-boo and we usually get some good laughs out of that. 

Baby Rudy, happy birthday, bud!  Thanks for helping to make my blog such a cute place!!

Parker, Colorado Baby Photographer
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