Smash Cake Photographer in Parker, Colorado

First birthdays only happen once.  This milestone is often bitter sweet for parents.  It’s a joyous time and has probably come much faster than you ever anticipated.  Many parents agree that those milestones you never thought you’d forget end up slowly fading into fuzzy memories over time.  To document and remember this special occasion, I offer the adorable smash cake sessions either indoor our outdoor.  The family provides the cake.  An optional fruit bath to conclude the session is included if desired. 

*If your baby cannot eat cake for any reason, alternative foods can be equally adorable (ex. spaghetti or watermelon). 

$495 | Includes all the digital images from your session (25+)

Visit Smash Cake Archives to see more!  Click here for general session information and details.


Smash Cake Photographer in Parker, Colorado

Smash cake sessions can be done indoors at your home, or outdoors at the location of your choice (weather permitting).  I can provide some favorite outdoor locations for spring, summer or fall.  If you wish to photograph your baby indoors, your home can be the background, or I can bring a simple white backdrop.

It’s completely fine if you wish to provide any props.  I just ask that you let me know what they are in advance so I can plan accordingly.  All props are provided by the family to suit your own taste.

A special birthday outfit is suggested for a few pictures before the cake mess begins.  For their smash cake, my recommendation is that your little one wear no shirt; tutus or a diaper cover for girls, jeans (pant legs rolled) or shorts for boys.  Bare feet look best!  Little girls look adorable with a clip, flower or headband of some kind.  I recommend checking out for ideas. Pearls (or other necklaces) around their neck are precious!  Little boys are welcome to wear a neck tie, suspenders, hat/beanie, and/or other accessories.  Feel free to be creative!  Butterfly wings, creature/animal hats, or other minimal costumes are also welcome.

It is optional to conclude the session with a fruit bath if you wish, and is included in the price.  I bring the fruit and the tub.  Can be done indoors or outdoors.  Visit here to see an example session.



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