One Year Old Photography and Smash Cake | Emmett

This is Emmett!  I first met him when he was 9+ pounds and only a few days old.  How special it is for me to see him all grown up and turning one!  I love mom & dad’s idea to bring a teepee to his one year old session.  They built it themselves and it turned out to be the most adorable backdrop in this beautifully lit, perfect setting for Emmett’s smash cake!  Here’s more about Emmett:       

Describe a little bit about Emmett’s first year and how he’s developed into the sweet guy he is at one year old

Emmett’s first year has been a lot of fun for all three of us, and our joyful times together easily outweigh any of the challenges. He was a big baby – 9lbs 6oz, but needed a little boost of oxygen in the beginning. He also had terrible reflux, so we couldn’t lay him flat on his back. This meant S and I were forced to take shifts staying up 24/7 to hold him vertically while he slept. It was pretty brutal, but after a few months he gained his strength and was as good as could be. We didn’t wait to take him on adventures – at 5 months he came with us to France for the holidays, at 6 months we were going to the mountains regularly, at 9 months were hiking in Yosemite, and at 10 months he was roaming all over Chicago with us. Now he is walking at full speed and we just try to keep up!

What makes him laugh? 

Emmett is a very energetic and happy kid. He laughs the hardest at new games – peek-a-boo, making horse sounds, taking Daddy’s hat off, smearing food on Mommy’s nose…

What does he like to do most?

Emmett loves to play with the family cat. He rolls her toys across the floor for her to chase, brushes her (really more of a light swat), pushes her in a cardboard box around the house, and gives her kisses behind her head. He also likes to play with his race cars and to unwind with a good story at night (in English or French).

Emmett and family, thank you for the honoring of helping to document this special milestone.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Parker, Colorado Baby Photographer
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