Family Adoption Pictures in Parker, Colorado

Far more special to me than sharing this beautiful session with you is sharing the reason for it!  The last time I photographed the D Family, they were a family of five.  Growing by two precious little guys, this family is embarking on a wonderful adoption journey.  I have permission to share their pictures (don’t worry, for any of you that know in some situations that you cannot post pictures online until the adoption is finalized).  This amazing family lives on a country farm.  Anytime you raise animals it’s a farm to me – haha.  They have baby chicks, goats, horses, dogs, cats, and probably more!  Take a step back in time to see their family pictures on their property back in 2015!  A few more things that I admire about the richness of their family is their love for Jesus, Dad pastors a church, they have always homeschooled their three girls, and they are now homeschooling those precious boys.

Tell me about your adoption story.

It literally started over 25 years ago, but neither of us knew it! Believe it or not, this was when God planted the seeds in our heart by our being introduced to two amazing people. These two people were our pastor and pastor’s wife, who both had such an impact on our lives in our youth. They were such a blessing to us and were so instrumental in our lives, and there is no doubt that we would not be the people that we are today without their influence. Some 20+ years after getting to know them, after going to college, getting married, moving away, starting our family with our beautiful three daughters, moving to the country, starting a church, etc., God allowed our paths to intersect again. They were able to introduce us to two beautiful young boys who needed a family, a home, and the love that every child deserves. While our adoption story is far from over, we are THRILLED to have welcomed them into our home and family. We feel so blessed by the Lord to have this opportunity, and we look forward to raising them for the Lord and making so many memories together. There is no doubt this was God’s plan, and our home feels like they were always meant to be a part of it (albeit, it’s much louder these days!).

How are the boys adjusting to your home?

As with any additions, there are adjustments for all of us to make. There is definitely the sense that they are feeling more comfortable now, encough to call this their “FOREVER HOME”.

Tell me about farm living and how this impacts your family life.

Farm life is different from our suburban days, but everyday provides opportunity for our kids to see what real LIFE is about – it’s about sacrifice, duty, responsibility, attention to detail, etc. If you don’t provide water for the goats, or you don’t clean the baby chicks, or you don’t take hay to the horse, etc., the consequences are lasting. In short, it is truly an amazing education, and it really does bring out another side of children that is almost “magical” to behold. They are more connected to Creation through “farm living”…we LOVE it and wouldn’t trade anything for it.

What is one thing you don’t want to forget about these first months you’re spending as a family of seven.

I would say that would be the devotions at night, the late night conversations, the one-on-one talks, the hilarious things that they say, the funny things that they express through their expectation of their new life vs. their old one, the campfires in the backyard, the sword fights, the wrestling, the freeze-tag sessions, and the moments where the “light comes on”, and they come to learn that “mommy” and “daddy” are all they need when scared, sad, happy, hungry, etc…

Blessings to your family, D’s!  I am so honored to be a part of your lives.

Parker, Colorado Family Photographer
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