High School Graduation Party Tips

I was the mom of a senior last year, so I know grad party planning! I love, love, love a well planned and organized event to help minimizes stress, and maximize all the wonderful moments you will want to savor as you anticipate and enjoy every single second of this once-in-a-lifetime experience for both you and your graduating son or daughter. Within this in mind, I have a few tips that I hope you find helpful, which include my personal timeline for party planning, how I stay organized, and how to have an amazing display of your senior’s pictures for the party.

TIP #1Create a timeline!

Work on things in two week increments so you space things out and aren’t overwhelmed. My timeline looked something like this:

12 weeks early (now!!) – Start conversations about a combined or single party. Decide location. Put down any rental deposits for club houses, etc. Need table or chair rentals, or the help of professional balloon or decor companies? Now’s the time to reserve those! Pick a party date and notify out of town relatives.

10 weeks early – Create a menu or decide on a catering company/restaurant. Secure your catering reservations. Make your bakery or cake reservations.

8 weeks early – Print your invitations! It will feel so good to have this done early, and this gives time for printing delays. Now’s also the time to schedule house cleaners for 1-2 days before the party if it will be in your home.

6 weeks early – Go through the baby and kid pictures, pulling out the ones you’d like to display. Work on any time consuming projects like photo boards, written letters telling your senior all the mushy-gushy stuff (you’ll need some Kleenex), DIY party decor and anything important that you want to do yourself, but may run out of time for if saved until the end.

4-5 weeks early – Address and mail all invitations.

3 weeks early – Begin buying all your paper party supplies and any decor items you will need when you’re out already! Add a few items to each of your shopping trips to help you minimize the pressure you will feel the week of the party.

2 weeks early – Press the the cap/gown so it’s ready to go and and embrace all the emotions you’re feeling.

1 week early – The hardest work is done, so sit back and enjoy your favorite Netflix show with your soon-to-be-graduate! Be proud you didn’t procrastinate.

3 days early – Get any last minute items, and purchase all food you’re preparing.

2 days early – clean the house if you didn’t hire someone to clean for you. LOCK the doors on any bathrooms you don’t want your sons using before the party. (LOL – I have sons, and yes I do this!)

1 day early – Clear your calendar and set aside the day to decorate! Prep everything at least 1-2 days in advance like decor, setting up tables, displaying pictures, etc. This will be a LIFE SAVER! If I don’t do this at least a day early, I run out of time for everything. This is your time to make everything as perfect as you’d like it to be.

The day of the party – prep your food or pick up your catering/cake — and enjoy the celebrations!!

TIP #2Use notes!!

I’ve learned the value of having a good note system when party planning. Managing my to-do list and party shopping list would be impossible if I left it to my own memory. Because something party related will hit me at unusual times, I like to keep a running list on my phone so it’s always handy and so that I don’t forget a single thing!

TIP #3Order Pictures Now!

What better timing than right now to be sure your senior has beautiful pictures displayed at their party!! Let me help you check this off your to-do list!

There’s three ways I can help:

1. You can order prints directly from your gallery! These are standard prints to give as gifts, put behind glass, or use in any way! Your gallery will be reactivated in the coming weeks (with a new link). I’ll send you an email when it’s live.

2. Order a beautiful keepsake album. You have the option to add text if you’d like to include any written letters and make it a surprise. Your senior will love this! Or, your student can be involved in the design process. Design work is included, I make it so easy on you, and albums are GORGEOUS!

3. Order a stunning Wall Collection*. These are my best selling products! My seniors who have ordered wall collections loooooove them!

*Wall collections are printed on a frameless product and are very easy to hang. They can be put on a display table at the grad party, and then hung on the wall to warm your home and your heart for many years to come! I’ve included samples below.

Reach out below if you’d like to order!






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