Ronan’s Six Month Photography Session in Castle Rock, Colorado

Ronan is back!  He was here six months ago for his newborn session.  He’s gone from a precious sleepy newborn to a sweet, smily baby boy.  I love the stage he’s in!  He’s just mastered sitting up all on his own, which means it’s time for pictures!  Ronan is a Baby Plan member, so he’ll be back again around September for his first birthday.

Here’s more about Ronan from Mom!

What makes Ronan smile?

When Mom and Dad sing! “Wheels on the Bus” is a favorite. He also loves listening to Dad bark when reading his “Doggies” book.

What are some of his favorite things to do?

Ronan loves dinner time when he gets to eat real food! He also loves drinking water from an open cup. Playing with toys while sitting upright is a favorite pastime of Ronan’s lately.

How has his personality changed in these short seven months?

Ronan is still quite adaptable and flexible like when he was littler, but recently he’s found his voice! He‘s now much more clear about his likes and dislikes. He is still the sweetest, most lovable boy.

Describe his place in your family of three.

Ronan is the heart of our little family—he is pure love and joy. We feel so lucky and grateful to be his parents.

What milestones has he recently accomplished?

Ronan is sitting on his own, screeching/squealing, feeding himself, and going underwater during swim lessons! 

What is one thing you don’t want to forget about this stage he is in right now?

Ronan loves to snuggle during his naps—I will forever cherish this sweet time together.

Sweet Ronan, I couldn’t love your pictures more.  I hope mom and dad will cherish every new milestone between now and when I see you again for your birthday.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Parker, Colorado Baby Photographer
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