Happy First Birthday Pictures in Parker, Colorado | Soren

It’s the day to celebrate Soren! Happy first birthday little guy! He’s full of smiles and has a laid back personality. He’s go with the flow, which you kind of have to be as the baby of the family. He’s got an older brother who I photographed on his first birthday too, three years ago! And if this little guy looks familiar, you saw him earlier this summer with his family. Visit their family session here to be reminded of their hellos and goodbyes and their recent move from out of the country.

Well, Mr. Soren is sure loved, and this family has some beautiful things to say about their special bonds. Here’s more from dad!

What does your family enjoy doing together?

We take every excuse to get outside – from playing at the park and riding bikes to hiking around in the mountains and looking for “gold nuggets” in streams. 

What makes you guys laugh together? 

The boys are always getting each other going and it is a joy to watch. We also laugh about the funny quirks that come from melding together two cultures and languages at home. 

What is one thing about this season of life that you don’t want to forget?

We never want to forget the melody of their voices and laughter. 

Describe what your family means to you.

Family is having the chance to take a journey together and enjoy all the bends in the road, and to be there to change a tire when the wheels come off. 

I hope you can bottle up the melodies that you hold so dear, because their sounds do change, and your memory will fade over time. But for today, I hope you enjoy and savor them all. Happy birthday, Soren!

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