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To hold him means the world to this family who considers baby Axton their miracle.  Sweet little Axton has two awesome brothers that adore him!  They are eight year old twins and this baby is sure a loved little guy.  Born on September sixth, a little earlier than scheduled, he weighed five pounds, twelve ounces and was eighteen and a quarter inches long.  I love his full head of hair, and that smile!  Mama is a super mom as she cares for her family.  She even took the time to answer a few questions for me. 

Describe your pregnancy. 

I had a very easy pregnancy other than him coming five weeks early! I never got sick or had any complications, I was VERY lucky!

Tell me about his early delivery. 

On Wednesday, September fifth, I started experiencing leakage at work. I didn’t think much of it because there was no blood or cramping it just felt like I couldn’t control my bladder! I ended up calling the doctor that evening to see if it was anything I should be worried about. She didn’t like the way it sounded so she asked me to come to the hospital. My parents drove me there and we arrived around six thirty in the evening. They took me up to labor and delivery so they could check to see if I was dilated. As the nurse was checking, my water broke! Apparently he was sitting very low and my cervix was extremely thin, which caused my water to break early. The nurse informed me I wouldn’t be leaving the hospital without a baby. Matt happened to be five hours away from me, hunting near the San Luis Valley in a remote area with no service. We had already talked about what we would do if something happened while he was gone and our plan was to have his cousin go look for him since he knew the area Matt hunts. I called his cousin and asked him to go find my husband! Matt called about an hour after I had arrived at the hospital and I told him my water broke. After making sure I wasn’t joking, he said he would head straight up. I started having contractions around one in the morning and Matt made it to the hospital around one thirty. After waiting in line for an epidural, due to an influx of deliveries that night, the nurses had me start pushing around four thirty. My contractions eventually came to a halt so we waited and they had me rest for a few more hours. After a while, they had to give me Pitocin to make my contractions start again. Axton finally came into the world at eight thirty eight in the morning!

Where did you deliver? 

Castle Rock Adventist

What does adding Axton to your family of mean to you? 

Axton is our little miracle. We tried for a year to get pregnant, which was a very stressful and sad time. When we finally found out we were pregnant, we knew we had finally been blessed with something special. He is even more amazing than we could have ever imagined. His brothers are so happy he’s here and they love spoiling him already. 

Describe his personality.

Tough, strong, and sweet. 

Many congratulations to this sweet family!  I hope every moment with Axton is treasured and that you enjoy his sneak peek!

Parker, Colorado Newborn Photographer
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