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Meet eight week old Essie–short for Expresso. She’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. There’s a bit of a backstory here…

My son, Jacob, has a friend named Sam who adopted this precious pup from an out of state breeder a few weeks ago. The day after picking her up by plane, Sam came over to our home with Essie. He didn’t make it far into the house before we all swooned over her and touched her soft fur while she remained in Sam’s arms. Sam then set her down on the hardwood floors in my entryway. Essie had only been away from her mom and her litter mates for less than 24 hours by this time, so she seemed quite shy and uncertain of her new surroundings. Kneeling down at the level where Essie now stood, I said, “Hi girl!” She immediately responded to me, climbed right into my lap without needing an invitation, and curled into a precious furry puppy ball. Oh my goodness! I was in puppy heaven!! She was so tiny and sweet.

Sam and Jacob hung out for a bit in the living room and we continued to talk all things puppy. Sam showed me a picture of her first bath… and that’s when my wheel’s began to turn. A bath, hu? How about some flowers? My thoughts were going a mile a minute thinking about the new clawfoot bathtub I had just gotten for baby photography and the gorgeous lilac blooms in my yard that I had been dying to photograph. “How would feel if I got some pictures of Essie while you’re here?” I asked Sam.

The rest of what took place that day is for your enjoyment… and mine… and Sam’s! You should have heard him laughing over her sneak peek after I got them edited. He was giddy like a proud puppy parent.

Little Essie, thanks for breaking in my new tub, oh and for not eating the lilacs!

Parker, Colorado Puppy Photographer
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PS – My own “old man pup” photobombed Essie’s pictures, which I think turned out pretty cute! My dog is a fourteen year old Puggle, also named Sam.

PPS – Don’t miss the adorable baby I had in the tub soon after! Click here to see it.

Don’t miss the adorable baby I had in the tub soon after! Click here to see it.






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