Parker, Colorado Seven Month Old Baby Boy Professional Photography

So many changes in seven months!  Meet Sawyer!  You may not recognize him from his newborn session. He’s grown so much!  I’m delighted to have Sawyer as a Baby Plan member!  This means he’ll be back again for his first birthday this summer.  His big brother is all over my website too.  This family has become very treasured to me, and I’m so grateful to be able to watch their precious boys grow.  Here’s more about Sawyer from Mom!

What makes Sawyer smile?

Sawyer smiles a lot, and is generally a pretty happy guy! He loves singing and peek-a-boo. He also is so happy watching his big brother do silly things and when Daddy gets home from work.

What are some of his favorite things to do?

Sawyer loves jumping and bouncing, toys that play music, going on walks, and reading books before bedtime.

How has his personality changed in these short seven months?

He has turned into such a happy baby. He is usually content to just go with the flow. He has also become pretty chatty and loves to babble and “talk”.

Describe his place in your family of four.

He has been a wonderful addition to our family. We think he will be our “happy-go-lucky” kid and has added lots of joy and laughs to our lives.

What milestones has he recently accomplished?

He has mastered sitting up on his own and is trying hard to start crawling! No teeth yet, but we are waiting for one to pop through soon!

What is one thing you don’t want to forget about this stage he is in right now?

I want to remember what a sweet, happy baby he is. I love hearing his laugh and seeing his smile. We feel lucky to have added another sweet boy to our family!

Sawyer and family, welcome to the world of sitters!  It doesn’t sound like it will be long until Sawyer is mobile and crawling everywhere.  I can’t wait to help you celebrate his first birthday in a few short months.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Parker, Colorado Baby Photographer
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