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Meet Noah!  Seven short months ago he debuted here as a precious newborn.  You can see his newborn session here.  Now he’s an adorable sitter with the sweetest smile and disposition.  I loved his full head of hair as a newborn, and the fact that it hasn’t changed brings me a huge smile.  He’s so cute!  Here’s more about Noah:

What makes Noah smile?

Noah especially loves to smile when his fur brother Archie gives him kisses, and when his mom and dad make silly faces with him!

What are some of his favorite things to do?

Noah loves to go on car rides, take walks, and play with all of his toys.

How has his personality changed in these short seven months?

It has been so fun watching Noah’s personality change into a happy, smiley, and sometimes a little ornery little baby! 

Describe his place in your family of three.

Noah is definitely ruler of the household and he knows it! His dad and I are living in Noah’s world now and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

What milestones has he recently accomplished?

Noah recently started sitting up and is getting more steady every day.

What is one thing you don’t want to forget about this stage he is in right now?

In each stage of Noah’s life, I always wish I could just pause. But this is one of my favorite stages yet! I just love how his face lights up as soon as he sees his dad or I and hope he’s always that excited to see us!

Noah and family, it’s so special to have Noah as a Baby Plan member and to be able to watch him grow.  I hope you treasure every moment with him in the many changing seasons of his life.  See you again for your first birthday, Noah!

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