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The goal was to celebrate their family of three before they become a family of four.  Meet the S Family!  This adorable trio met up with me on a beautiful summer evening.  It wasn’t a maternity session, per se.  Just an opportunity to remember life as it is, before it changes.  Little A loves airplanes, and he’s the sweetest!  Mom and Dad are in love with him, and anticipating their newest addition’s arrival in December.  Here’s more about the S Family!

How has the pandemic affected your family?

We were both lucky to easily transition to working from home and the little guy’s daycare stayed open which was helpful to keep life somewhat normal. He did miss seeing some of his buddies who did not continue at school but has done a great job of finding new friends to play with. It was difficult however to explain to a three year old who loves slides why he couldn’t play at the playground or why everyone has to wear a mask. 

What has been your favorite quarantine pastime?

Little A loves to ride his scooter but since he couldn’t meet up with friends, we became our own scooter gang riding around the neighborhood as a family, enjoying some time outside of the house.

Have there been any good things that have come from this for your family?

We have always done a lot together as a family, but we did have to get creative finding new activities since the zoo, museums, and parks were all closed. Little A’s favorite home activities have become running his monster trucks in the sand pit or joining us for a little workout in the garage. 

What makes your little guy laugh?

Tickling of course! But he really feeds off of us acting goofy and loves when we do silly voices with his action figures or when reading books. 

Describe what your family means to you.

Overall we have just really enjoyed raising our little guy and growing together as we learn to navigate through each new phase. We’re looking forward to meeting little A’s baby brother later this year and learning the ropes as a family of four. 

Thank you, sweet S Family!  I’m in love with your session and so happy to help document such a precious moment in your life.

Parker, Colorado Family Photographer
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