6 Month Old Sitter Photography Session Outdoors | Everett

He’s all grown up since the last time you melted over his newborn pictures.  This is Everett!  We’re celebrating his sitting milestone with a sitter photography session outdoors.  He couldn’t be any cuter in his suspenders and stripes.  It’s amazing how much they change over just six or seven months.  I think you’ll adore hearing mom describe Everett at this sweet stage.

What makes him smile?

Everett is usually a pretty happy, smiley guy! He smiles at himself in the mirror and at his favorite toys. He loves it when Dad gets home from work and gives him a big smile when he walks in. He also loves being tickled!

What are some of his favorite things to do?

Everett likes to dance, listen to music, and sing songs. He likes playing and bouncing in his jumperoo and putting everything in his mouth! He also likes going for hikes with Mom and Dad.

How has his personality changed in these short six months?

He has definitely become a happier, more independent baby. Now that he can sit up and move around more, he loves exploring and getting into things. He is growing and changing so quickly. It seems like every week he can do something new!

Describe his place in your family of three.

He is pretty much the center of attention all the time! Being the only child, he is getting pretty spoiled, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂  We enjoy going out and showing him new places, and love seeing him learn and grow.

What milestones has he recently accomplished?

Everett is sitting up independently and using his hands really well to pick up toys and other small objects. He has two teeth and has started eating lots of different solid foods. He really wants to crawl, and tries to get into that position, but hasn’t quite put it all together yet!

What is one thing you don’t want to forget about this stage he is in right now?

We love how happy and silly Everett is right now! He has the cutest little laugh, and his whole face lights up when he smiles. We hope that he always keeps his curious nature and love for life!

Happy 6/7 months, Everett!  I’m so happy you’re a Baby Plan member because I wouldn’t want to miss out on those sweet smiles!  See you again soon.

Parker, Colorado Baby Photographer
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