Daughters of the King

Words will not be able to describe the priceless privilege I had to be a part of a mother/daughter Bible study called, Daughters of the King.  The irony of it all, I don’t even have a daughter!  That is in part why it was so special to me.  But I had a little “stand in” for this study, which was awesome, since her mother couldn’t attend.

I see young girls being so deceived today into thinking they don’t measure up.  There is more pressure than ever before to look, dress and act a certain part.  The world shows them on billboards, tv, magazines, by their peers (and sometimes by us mothers) that pursuing outward beauty is worth the investment.  What isn’t being told to them is that this pursuit will only leave them empty, lonely, and feeling as if they can never measure up to the standard.  It will lead them to seek love, attention and affection that will only hurt them in the end and will never truly satisfy them.

It was while praying for these beautiful four special young ladies that the Lord put it into my heart that these girls needed to know the TRUTH about how God sees them.  For five weeks we poured over the word of God to learn what beauty really is, and how to be a young woman who is pleasing to the Lord.  Each girl made a journal chalked full of who they are in the eyes of their Creator.  We learned that as a daughter of the King Jesus we are purchased, forgiven, chosen, sealed, adopted, a temple of the Holy Spirit and we are a bride in waiting (waiting for the promise Jesus gave us that he will return—and we will one day sit at the table of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb).

The study ended with a fun “princess tea” where each mom read a beautiful letter to her daughter.  There was not a dry eye in the room!  Oh… and the picture of the girls in their crowns was a priceless surprise they gave me at the tea (thank you Daddy W for taking it).  I will treasure it forever!

I hope you enjoy seeing the memories we made and that this may encourage someone else out there to pour into the young girls in your life who are longing to hear that God sees them as beautiful just the way they are! (A reminder we all need no matter how young or how old!!)

That our daughters may be as pillars, sculptured in palace style;  Psalm 144:12 NKJV

Click the images below to see larger versions of our tea pictures!  🙂






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