These cutie pies are my nieces.  They really are too cute for words.  They have to do everything the other sister does, and I mean everything!  A day in their life… “sister runs, I run too.  Sister stops to touch the ground, I stop to touch the ground too.  I start squealing, sister starts squealing too.  I start squealing loudly, sister starts squealing loudly too.  Mom say ‘girls, please stop,’ I go and pull sisters hair because I’m mad, sister pulls my hair too.  Sister starts crying, I start crying too.”

The most adorable thing these two do is when you put one in front of the mirror  and ask “who’s that?” they will  answer, “sissy.”  I’m very curious to know when they will realize they look exactly like “sissy” and it’s really themselves they are looking at.

We had another fun photo shoot the other day with these girls.  I cannot keep my camera in the bag when I’m around them!







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