Extended Family Pictures in Littleton, Colorado

This family knows how to have fun! I adore them more and more with each time they are in front of my camera. There’s always laughter and jesting, and you can tell they are close and full of love for one another. It’s the best!

Here’s more from Gamma!

How old are your grandkids and what do they call you?

Our grandkids are B (11), E (3) and Baby C (8 weeks).  B calls us Grandma and Grandpa (and has in the past added eagle to the end of both of those titles due to B’s bald head like a bald eagle).  E calls us Gamma and Papa.  Her titles are the ones that have really stuck and B tends to veer towards saying them instead.  Baby C just stares at us or cries to get our attention.  No names from her as of yet… (LOL).

What does your family enjoy doing together?

We entertain a lot at our house.  We enjoy playing games, watching movies, swimming together, golfing (not necessarily all of us on this one…wink wink), celebrating each individual birthday for every family member throughout the year, talking with one another (here’s another activity that most of us enjoy except one…can you guess whom that might be?), several of the clan enjoy playing ping pong which we have had several long battles of in the back yard and in our garage, and traveling (unfortunately, we have yet to get everyone together for a full family vacation due to COVID cancelling our last scheduled trip and then with the new baby setting things back.  We will be taking R and G to Cancun for Thanksgiving week and G twenty first birthday.  

What makes you guys laugh together? 

We are an overly sarcastic family and have many inside jokes with one another; several that dig at situations and outcomes from over the years.  R is a goofball and my husband is a child so there is always plenty of poking and teasing and chatter from all.  J is amazing with “impressions of people” and she is so quick witted and intelligent that her humor really gets me going.  She and G have incredible banter with one another which always makes me laugh.  G is quiet and dry.  He throws things into the mix unexpectedly which in turn throws everyone off and makes us chuckle.  B and E are kids so you know how that plays a part.  

What is one thing about this season of life that you don’t want to forget?

This season of life is so incredibly enjoyable.  We don’t have to stress about money any longer; our kids are grown and it’s a true joy to watch each of them grow into these amazing individuals out there in the world building their own lives and families.  And, these grandkids could not bring us more joy, love, and purpose.  We cherish every second of time we get with them.  It is an easy flowing stage of life for us.  We get to travel and have the freedom for that several times a year.  We are both still young enough to have fun with the entire family and be active.  I don’t want to forget what this time period feels like.  Just so much happiness, gratitude, love and joy surrounds us now.

Describe what your family means to you.

My family is everything to me.  I was a single mom of one child for many many years and now have this incredible family with a very supportive and generous husband, four adult children (each one with glorious attributes) and three grands (that fill my heart with warm fuzzies).  I am unbelievably appreciative for all that God has brought my way and continues to bring to my life.  My heart is full and just becomes more so with each additional member.  Our holidays, birthdays, Sunday dinners, and getting together events are chaotic, loud, messy, and filled with laughter, crying, enjoyment, sharing and LOVE.  I would not trade it for the world.  I love being the mom to this clan.  

D Family, it’s an honor to show off your beautiful family.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Parker, Colorado Family Photographer
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