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Oh my… this gorgeous couple in this gorgeous setting!  Everything couldn’t be more perfect, including their love story.  Only six months married, they are expecting a baby soon and the joy of their anticipation is something special.  I was giddy to find out that these two are both pilots!  They work for the same airlines and that is how they met.  Their story is told below by K (mom-to-be).  Oh, and I cannot fail to introduce you to Hank.  He’s their gorgeous white fur baby; the one with the bowtie!

How did you meet?

We met on an overnight at our first airline job, Great Lakes, back in 2012. He was the captain, and I was the first officer, and we were both scheduled to fly a trip together out of Kearney, Nebraska back to Denver the next day. The night before, Shane invited me to have dinner with him at Old Chicago in Kearney. I politely declined, since I had lost my wallet the day before! He sweetly offered to buy me dinner, and that was the start of a few year friendship that developed into our relationship/marriage! A few years later, he tricked me into going on a date with him and the rest is history!!! 

How long have you been pilots? 

S has been in the airlines for about ten years, and I have been in for about six. 

Do you (or have you ever) flown together?

Yes we have flown together!!! We first met on a work trip, and then shortly after I flew a whole month as his First Officer! It was great to get to know him in that setting and it really contributed to our smooth transition from friendship to dating! 

Describe your pregnancy so far.

Pregnancy has been so much fun!! We were so thrilled to learn we were expecting a little one (we found out the day before Fathers Day!!) and we have enjoyed every minute of getting to know our sweet girl! Right now she is kicking like crazy so we love to feel her move! Shane is in awe of his growing daughter and I have fallen in love with him all over again watching him fall for her! 

Tell me about the anticipation of meeting your little growing daughter.

We are SO EXCITED to meet her! We have already been speculating about her looks and personality! I am convinced she is going to be dramatic just like her dad, and I think she already has a stubborn side (like her momma!). In the ultrasounds it already looks like she has her daddy’s profile. We know she is going to be perfect in every way and we can’t wait to get to know our sweet  little girl!! Only 3 months left to go!!! 

L Family, congratulations on this exciting time.  It is an honor to help document it (and I cannot wait to meet her).  I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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