But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect…

If God has called me to be a street sweeper, then I will be the best street sweeper I can be.  I am challenged to imagine for a moment that I put every last ounce of energy into doing something for the Lord.  I may not feel as equipped as others, but God has placed me here, where I am right now, and I answer to Him.  It is by his grace that I am what I am.

What am I?  I am saved by His grace to me.  I am forgiven.  I am redeemed by His blood.  I am a daughter of the King Almighty.  I am His beloved.  I am being established by His work in my life.  I am being prepared for eternal glory.  I am His humble servant.  I am in waiting for my King’s return.

I wrote this next poem 1 year ago exactly  in my quiet time with the Lord and think it’s time to share it with the world.  It is my life.


I see you all around me and my heart rejoices. 

There was a time my heart was blind, cold and numb, having eyes to see only myself.  In the loneliness, in the emptiness, there you found me.

I see you all around me and my heart rejoices.

You picked me up form the mire and told me of your love.  I told you of my failures and you sang songs of forgiveness over me and showed me I was your beloved child. You cleansed me from all my impurities. You washed me white as snow.  You replaced my heart of stone with a heart that is alive and beats for you. 

I see you all around me and my heart rejoices. 

You tell me you are my shepherd and I am your lamb.  You care for me and I don’t have to care for myself.

You tenderly guide me when I am going astray and tell me “daughter, I have a better way for you.”  I listen and I follow and I am blessed.  You promise to lead me through the storm.  I feel your strong arms carrying me when I am tempted to take my eyes off you.  You give me rest as I fully trust in you.

I see you all around me and my heart rejoices.

You faithfully do all that your word says you will do.  You guide me into dependency on you as I decrease and you increase in my life. 

Your goodness to me feels undeserved at times, yet you faithfully remind me that I am your chosen, your beloved, righteous and holy in your eyes. 

You do not condemn me and my heart rejoices.

Bless the Lord, oh my soul. Sing of his wonders.  The Lord is worthy of my life.  His greatest sacrifice was for my gain, and I am humbled.  Praise the Lord, Oh my soul, for the wonders he has done.  I am not the same; I am redeemed.


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