Back To School

My little monkeys go back to school this week.  I have mixed emotions.  On the one hand, all three will be in school ALL day… there will a quiet house, no fighting, no interruptions, no boredom, no “moooommmm… he sat on me me!”  But on the other hand, we will have homework (and yes I mean “we” because somehow their homework turns into my homework too!), the business of after school activities begins, mom’s shuttle service resumes, but most importantly I WILL MISS THEM!!!  I am fighting the tears already.

When I started taking my own pictures, I stopped buying school pictures.  Some moms can’t resist the messed up hair, food stained shirt and cheesy smiles.   In essence it captures a piece of their elementary, middle and high school years that will be treasured forever, and sometimes laughed at for years to come.  But I decided to take my own school pictures every year that will be just as treasured!  It’s the one time a year I asked them to get dressed up and take pictures.  Yes, we take lots of candid pictures all year long, but we make these an extra big deal… (clean the food off your face, comb your hair and wear something mom gets to pick out – BIG deal, right?!)  After our shoot (which I think the kids actually enjoyed, believe it or not) they got a special treat at Panera Bread.  They love picking out their choice of pastry!  Yummm!  Here’s a look at the pride of this mommy’s heart…  my three sons. (Someone told me that was an old TV show; I need to look that up!)







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