Family Photographer in Parker, Colorado

It is with gleeful pleasure that I introduce you (once again) to the T Family.  This sweet family holds my heart.  Their oldest son not only reminds me of my own oldest son when he was that age, but they share the same name <heart beating swiftly>.  Two years ago, it was on a rainy day in fall of two thousand fifteen that I first met them, when they were only three.  Their little one was added to the family almost a year ago, making four, for which I had the honor of documenting it here.  Their current stage in life brought me back to when I had little ones.  The diapers, the nose wipes, the constant intervention; it can be exhausting!  But mommy T and I agreed that it is all worth it.  I speak from one who has watched my little ones grow into young men.  When I say it’s all worth it, I will encourage every mama and daddy out there that every day is an investment.  You are growing a heart and soul to one day shape the world around them, make a difference, and love with everything they have.  This is no small task, and the investment feels a little mundane day-to-day.  But I am here to tell you that the love and time you pour into your children is never wasted.  It is that very love which motivates us as parents to give in ways beyond what we thought we could ever give.  The love of the T Family is so genuine and sweet, and it was such a joy for me to capture this kind of love in action.  T Family, thank you for entrusting me with these precious moments in time.  I hope they are savored forever, and that you enjoy your sneak peek!

Family Photographer in Parker, Colorado
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