senior welcome guide



I’m so excited to photograph your senior pictures, and I hope you are too! Almost all of the seniors I've photographed showed up nervous. It's normal! I hope to put your mind at ease. You don’t need to know anything about the process. I’m here to guide you from beginning to end. Before the session I will help you prepare, including what to wear. At the session I’ll direct every single moment, helping you feel comfortable and confident so we will bring out the real you!


You can plan for your session to last anywhere between one to two hours, depending on how much walking around we do. However, know that I don’t put a time limit on it.


Follow the simple steps below to help both of us prepare for your session!


in 3 easy steps

Follow the steps below, and don't forget to complete the questionnaire at the end so I can prepare too!

1 WardrobE

2 location

3 questionnaire



Your first step is to begin thinking about the clothes you'll wear. I recommend 4-5 outfits of varying styles/colors, etc. The most important thing when selecting what to wear is to represent who you are! Play with a mixture of colors, fabrics, textures and layers. Colorful wardrobes tend to photograph well in medium to medium/dark tones. Sometimes pale and lighter colors don't pop as much.


Try to avoid pure white and solid black because they don't look as nice on camera. There are exceptions (like the cute little white dress that's trending right now). Also, avoid logos and large graphics - they can distract. Stylish hats are ok if they have a small brim.


Shoe changes are great! We will be doing a considerable amount of walking, so please plan your shoe selection accordingly.


I LOVE PANTS POCKETS when posing! It will give your hands somewhere to go. If you would like, you can bring an assortment of options to the session and I can help make recommendations. Bring your wardrobe changes ironed and on hangers (or in separate reusable bags for each outfit, including the shoes and accessories to go with it, to stay organized). I will bring along a pop-up tent for changing and a wagon.

If you have an outfit preference that's outside my recommendations, bring it along! Sometimes we can find the right backdrop for it and it will be great. The suggestions in this guide are simply starting places.

Also, I've compiled some additional tips and tons of inspiration pictures for you at the following links. Be sure to check it out for ideas!




GUYS - some tips

Guys, here's a good place to start: select a couple pairs of jeans or pants and then a variety of shirts/jackets that will go with the pants you've picked. Jeans, and any color slim fitting dress pants are great! Some guys prefer to wear the same pants and just change out the shirts.


Colorful options photograph best. Stay away from busy patterns like stripes and geometrics. I like layers for guys! The more you layer, the more visual interest you will have.

Consider clothing like stylish jackets, ripped jeans, solid colored t-shirts, button downs, long sleeves, flannels (unbuttoned with a tee-shirt underneath), hoodies, sweaters, or sweatshirts.

Don’t get too formal unless that is your thing. However, some guys like to have a suit or sports coat as one option, especially if they've been a part of a club like DECA. A mix of casual and dressy is great. Above all else, stay true to yourself!


Some things that will show in your pictures: your socks, your hands, and close up face shots. Therefore, choose your socks intentionally, make sure your nails are trimmed, shave, and brush your teeth! The details matter.







girls - some tips

Girls, it may be helpful to choose a few favorites that already hang in your closet in addition to that shopping trip you are beginning to dream about. Now may not be the right time to try and rediscover your style. Wear clothing you are comfortable in and that makes you feel like you!

Colorful wardrobe options photograph best. Stay away from busy patterns, like stripes. Consider layering where you can with stylish jackets and other layering pieces. Off the shoulder shirts photograph adorably. If you are a dress person, the more movement in the skirt, the better. Or, cute summer dresses are trending right now for sure! But don't worry about being too formal. A simple fitted tee or modest crop top with your favorite pair of mom jeans is super cute too! Variety is awesome, so choose a good mix of casual and dressy.

Avoid super short skirts that you can't comfortably sit in. Make sure your clothing choices look good standing, bending, crouching, or sitting. We will do a variety of poses!


Some things that will show in your pictures: your legs, your hands, your lips. Therefore, keep lip gloss handy at the session for touch ups if you'd like. Be well hydrated; it affects skin and lips! Shave your legs! Feel free to polish your fingernails and toes; they may show. Hair down is recommended. Bring a brush and hairspray for touch ups and flyaways. Finally, consider having your makeup and or hair done professionally.



Next, pick your location. Visit the link below to see your options. You will indicate the location you've selected on the questionnaire by referencing the title and the description, so be sure to note it once you've found the one that fits you best!








Finally, below the FAQs section you will find a questionnaire. Please be sure to complete each field. It will help me plan for our time together!










should a parent or guardian come?

Yes! I ask that a parent come along at each session. It is very helpful to have an extra set of hands for wardrobe changes, among other things.

Should I bring props?

You may if you'd like, but it isn't necessary. Some seniors bring an instrument or something to represent a hobby or a sport they play/love. If you've chosen a college already, you're welcome to wear a shirt, hoodie, or something that represents it. Cap and gown is fine (but most don't have them yet). Please provide a list of the props you plan to bring so I can prepare for how to use them.

what if the weather is bad?

In the event of inclement weather (rain, snow, extreme wind) we will either move your session to a different date, or consider an earlier start time. I will be watching the weather closely as your date approaches so we can be as proactive as possible.

when it's extra warm

Most of my senior sessions are when the weather is very warm. Because we photograph in the shade and at the end of the day, the heat isn't a problem. But do bring a refreshing drink to stay hydrated and cool on extra warm days.

hair or makeup appointments

Girls, if you plan to make a hair or makeup appointment for the day of your pictures, make it for early in the day so we have flexibility to adjust the session start time if needed. Please also indicate your plans for an appointment on the questionnaire. This will allow me to keep that in mind as I watch the forecast. In the event it seems questionable, we will make an earlier decision about reschedules for those that have appointments.

can I bring my pet?

You may bring a pet if you'd like. A separate pet handler should plan to come along to be responsible for your animal when he/she is not in the photographs. The parent attending the session is not an ideal option for this since they will be needed for wardrobe changes. If you will be bringing a pet, please let me know in the questionnaire, and do bring treats!

should I wear my glasses?

To prevent glare, if it is an option not to wear them, then don’t. If you are simply not yourself without them, then by all means wear your glasses! However, try taking the lenses out if they are made to do that or borrow a pair of frames without lenses from your local eye doctor, especially if you have transition lenses (the kind that darken in the sun).

do I need to sign a contract?

Yes! Once I've received your completed questionnaire, I will send you an online contract that can be signed digitally. The person responsible for payment should sign.

when is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of the session. Please indicate your payment preference on the questionnaire below. I will send you the appropriate invoice right before the session so it's handy.

are the images edited?

Yes! Every single one of your images is professionally edited to brighten and enhance. I pay extra attention to acne and blemishes.

how soon will I receive my images?

Your images will be delivered within 2 weeks of your session.

what if I have more questions?

Feel free to include them on the questionnaire, or reach out by email.


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