Family and Professional Pictures in Parker, Colorado

Meet the sweet M Family! This mother/son duo shares a special bond, and they are quite special to me personally. Mama M needed some professional pictures for her newest job venture, and her son K agreed to a combined family session. What an adorable outcome! Spring is such a gorgeous time to photograph. Here’s more from Mama M.

What is one thing you want to remember about this season of life for your family of two?

I want us to remember that God is always faithful.  His words that say, ‘He will never leave us nor forsake us’ are tried and true and we can always stand firm on His promises.   Like all families, this season, during the pandemic, there were many, many concerns.  Mine, as a single mom, were focused on the “how’s.”  I wondered how it was all going to work out – financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  How would I continue to work if I got sick? How would I be able to take care of and provide for my son if I got sick?  How would I care for him and work if HE got sick?  How would I continue to work without childcare? How will he know what to do with his online schooling while I focused on keeping a roof over our heads?  How, God.  How will it all work out?  Well… you know what?  I need not have worried so much.  LOL! God provided and everything worked out.  Not only did it just work out, God showed up in amazing ways! He went above and beyond and we are coming out of this season with many unexpected blessings – a bigger, brighter and more spacious home, a new dream job (missionary work with a purpose) for me, new friendships for both, complete deliverance of a debilitating habit for me and a nice, close commute to K’s upcoming middle school!  

What are your son’s interests/hobbies?

K enjoys playing video games and interacting online with his pals from school. He loves to play foursquare during recess at school with his buddies. With covid restrictions lifting, we hope to get him back into his usual sports activities:  flag football and the running club.   

What do you two enjoy doing together?

We love watching movies together, going for bike rides, and laughing and poking fun at our cat, Jane.  I also enjoy reading and sharing Bible stories with K most nights, as he listens and learns with amazement about some of the storylines included in God’s word. 

What makes you guys laugh together?

We pretend to speak, “cat” and laugh and laugh about the silly things we pretend the cat is saying.  I also use “cat talk” to teach K some important life lessons when I really want him to listen. 

Describe what your family means to you.

I had struggled with the term, “family” for many, many years.  Coming from a dysfunctional childhood, I associated family with lots of hurt, pain and brokenness and wanted nothing to do with any of it for many years.  A bit later in life, God blessed me with K – a bright, shiny new baby 11 years ago!  Through him (the child), God broke down many walls and barriers, removed stumbling blocks and offered me healing, hope and forgiveness.  He replaced my heart of stone and gave me a heart of flesh.  Now… I love my family!  All family – sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents (parents are deceased) and now, my new earthly family that is one of the greatest gifts He has ever given us!  So, to answer your question, family means love, just as God is love!

M Family, you are special and loved. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Parker, Colorado Family and Headshot Photographer
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