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Prepare to be impressed!  This young man is Zak, and I love his ideas, his ambition, his work ethic, and his goals.  He is a high school senior at Legend High School in Parker, Colorado.  He patiently awaited his November session while most of friends have been long done with their high school senior pictures by now.  I anticipate that Zak and his family will see his sneak peek, fall in love, and think it was well worth the wait.  What this young man doesn’t mention below is that he recently worked his way up from pushing carts at Home Depot to the lumber yard, and I’m pretty sure not everyone his age gets that honor.  Although he does mention some other amazing things you will want to know about him!

What are you passionate about?

I love cars and planes, and those are what I hope to find my career in. I also love engineering, and more specifically hands on engineering, where I can build something or making something work. I love computers, and technology as well.

Do you have any thoughts on what you’d like to do after you graduate? 

I would like to enlist in the Air Force for 4-6 years, and kick off a career in flight by doing something for the country and getting to learn hands on what it’s like. I have always wanted to serve, and have had a calling to it, and amongst deciding on applying to the Air Force Academy or doing ROTC, I decided that it would be best to jump in and find myself in an active position from the start. After that, I hope to do something either with cars or planes, and I hope to find something that will challenge me everyday and never get boring. 

What are some of your favorite childhood memories? 

When I was a kid, my dad used to bring home company cars because he worked for General Motors, and we used to go out in Corvettes and Hummers, and drive around having a great time. I vividly remember going to the store with my mom while she tried to keep control of myself and my two siblings. I have many memories with my family that I’ll remember very well. 

Tell me one thing you hope to accomplish your senior year.

For my senior year, I hope to find myself in a good position to start a job, hopefully in the military, and I hope to keep in touch with the friends I’ve gotten along the way. It has been a great four years in high school, and I can say I’m ready to move on, but I will miss all of the fun times and countless memories. 

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Use your time wisely: many problems arose from how my priorities were aligned, so having a clear organized schedule and making time for the people and things that matter is very important.

Zak, you’re amazing!  I hope the very best for your future!  Enjoy your sneak peek.

Parker, Colorado High School Senior Photographer
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