I'm delighted to photograph your newborn and I'm excited to meet you! Because your precious baby changes so quickly, I want you to remember every little thing about their first days or weeks, from their sweet smell to the soft touch of their delicate skin, to how you felt when you held them. May you always look back and hold their sweet beginnings close to your heart.


This guide will direct you as you prepare for your session. The questionnaire at the end will help me prepare! I look forward to telling your baby's story.








PREPARE in 4 easy steps



3 sleepy baby tips

4 questionnaire



The session will be done in your home and your newborn will be setting the tone for our time together. Plan for two to three hours. Because baby will have a few shots without clothes on, please have the house warmer than usual. This is very important to keep baby comfortable and happy. I will use soft, natural window light. When I arrive it will be helpful if you can show me the areas of the home you don't mind us using. I will be looking for the rooms with good natural light. Typically, a master bedroom or main living area are ideal for family shots. If you wish to photograph baby's nursery, let me know! Having a clean, tidy home is not essential unless you want some shots of the full rooms.






If you will be photographing your family with baby, I recommend neutral colors and soft or medium tones. Avoid dark and bright colors. Don't dress everyone in the same color either. Choosing all solids, or a mix of solids with small patterned prints photographs nicely. Avoid large and busy patterns. Repeating colors subtly throughout your selections is lovely. For example, if mom has a touch of pink in her shirt, big sister could wear solid light pink. I tend to love whites, cremes, oatmeal, and light grays, especially together.


There is no need to have clothing for baby. Baby will be in a wrap that I bring (and I will have a large enough selection that we can coordinate with what your family is wearing).











For sibling pictures, sister(s) can wear whatever they wear for family shots, or they can wear a wrap I bring, which looks like an adorable tube top. This is a beautiful and timeless option. Bows, headbands, and other hair accessories are super cute for sister(s).


Brother(s) can be without shirts if you like that look. Boys can be especially wiggly, and shirts can easily bunch up during sibling shots, so removing them helps eliminate that.

I will typically achieve family and sibling shots at the beginning of the session to work within your children's limited attention spans. That way your little ones (and dad) can be dismissed quickly.







sleepy baby tips

Do make every effort to try and keep your little one awake for as long as possible right before the session. It makes a difference! Remove their clothing, tickle their toes, stretch their legs, give them a bath, let them cry a little. These are great ways to help you achieve a reasonable awake time before I arrive, followed by a sleepy baby when we're ready to photograph (hopefully).


Plan to feed them right before my arrival. Halfway through the feeding, burp them well, change their diaper and undress them (keep diaper on). This will help make for an easy transition when I arrive, even if they fall asleep. Cover them lightly with a blanket (not a tight swaddle) after their feeding. If they are awake when we're ready to begin, that is fine. We will swaddle them in a wrap and they will soon be asleep. Follow these tips to a reasonable degree; baby does not need to be awake for longer than they are naturally able.



Below the FAQs section you will find a questionnaire. Please be sure to complete each field. It will help me plan for our time together!



















What props do you bring?

I will bring everything we will need: baskets, wraps, floor drops, hats, and headbands. I gravitate toward soft neutral colors and earth tones. I will bring a variety of items, more than we will use, allowing you to select your favorites.

what about baby's umbilical cord?

It’s fine if baby’s umbilical cord hasn’t fallen off. It represents the miracle and I don’t mind it in the pictures at all! Do take off the clip, however.

what if my baby needs to nurse or bottle feed during the session?

That is no problem. I am flexible for baby’s routine and needs during our time together.

My baby’s skin is so dry! What should I do?

Lotion baby’s skin prior to our session, paying special attention to any really dry spots on the legs, feet and back of the hands. Communicate with your pediatrician about products that are safe for their skin.

Does my baby need a pacifier?

Yes! The hospital probably sent you home with the Soothie Avent pacifier that is PERFECT because it won’t leave marks on the face. Even if your little one doesn’t seem to love it yet, keep it handy! It has been known to work miracles.

I’ve heard to stay away from gassy foods before the session. Is this true?

If you are a nursing mom, I do recommend staying away from foods that potentially can make baby gassy/fussy at least 24-48 hours before your session. It is wise to stay away from caffeine too. Anything that may help baby be sleepy is worth trying if you’re up for it!

Do I need to have anything else on hand?

The only things you should keep nearby are items your baby normally needs such as diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, and burp cloths.

what about the bandaid on their foot?

Remove the bandaid at least a day or two in advance (otherwise it can leave an imprint).

What if my baby was circumcised?

If your son was circumcised, let me know so we can be especially gentle for the diaper off shots. In most cases, the site is well healed by the time we photograph.

What about bad weather?

Although we will be indoors, if we have a particularly overcast day, or snow, it will not provide us with enough natural window light. In this event, I will reach out to suggest moving the day to a sunny one.

when is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of the session. Please indicate your payment preference on the questionnaire. I will send you the appropriate invoice right before the session so it's handy.

are the images edited?

Yes! Every single one of your images is professionally edited. If baby has any scratches or blemishes, they will be removed.

how soon will I receive my images?

Your images will be delivered within 2 weeks of your session.

what if I have more questions?

Feel free to include them on the questionnaire, or reach out by email.


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