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All seven pounds, fifteen ounces of this sweet little baby is so kissable!  Meet Gunner!  Long before he arrived, Dad was in the military.  I am so grateful for his service to our country, and I know Gunner will possess a great pride in his Dad when he finally understands how much of a sacrifice he has made for his family, and each of us.  I love that we captured this in such a special way.  I think you will enjoy what Mom shared about Gunner.

Describe your pregnancy.  

Gunner came 11 days early. I would describe my pregnancy as quite the experience. I was very sick for at least the first 5 months but as that got better and he got bigger and I started feeling him move it became very emotional in a good way. You start to feel such an attachment and a love for someone you haven’t even met yet. Pregnancy was hard for me with all the morning sickness, but oh so very worth it. 

Tell me a little about the day he was born. 

I delivered at Sky Ridge in Lone Tree. We went to our weekly check up and long story short I was in early labor and got moved down to triage where they eventually admitted me. Turns out the pressure feeling I was having for the last week before that were contractions. I was in labor for about 16 and half hours and only ended up pushing for about 25 minutes. I felt very lucky especially with how nervous and scared I was leading up to my labor and delivery because it was my first and had no idea what to expect! It was truly such an amazing experience and I am in such awe what a woman’s body can do and is capable of! 

What does adding Gunner to your family mean to you? 

It gives us a sense of feeling complete now that we are a family of three. I’m sure we will have another baby down the road but right now Gunner has completed our family and our hearts are very full! 

Describe his personality.

He loves to sleep and eat, which goes for most newborns I’m sure, but he also seems to be just the happiest baby with lots of smiles and loves to cuddle! 

If you’re interested in a newborn session, you can visit here for more information.  Gunner and family, I hope the days are cherished when he is this young, and that every single first is enjoyed to the fullest.  Merry Christmas to your family!

Parker, Colorado Newborn Photographer
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