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I’m delighted to photograph your little one! First birthdays are often a bittersweet milestone for parents. You’re probably wondering where their first year went and by now they have developed into their own little person, full of personality, who has captured your heart even deeper than the day they were born. I want both you and your baby to remember your celebration of their first birthday with joy!


Your options for their one year session vary. You can do a smash cake, bucket bath, or just photograph their personality in a few outfits. Any of these options are included and outlined below.


I look forward to telling your baby's story.









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The session location will vary based on the time of year. For warmer months, I love photographing outdoors! For colder times of the year, indoor sessions are a must.





My favorite outdoor location is in Centennial/Parker. There are dirt paths and long grasses to give us the perfect outdoor setting that photographs beautifully. For the best natural light, we will want to begin the session about 2 hours prior to sunset. If this is too late in the day for your baby, we can discuss an early morning instead, shortly after sunrise.



For your indoor session, your home is an option in some cases, or I make my home available if you'd like a white backdrop. Another option is a gorgeous studio rental for additional fees.


If we're photographing in your home, we will need a bright sunny area with a floor that is a hard surface for cake (one that also gives us a nice backdrop). If you're unsure if your home will work, send me some pictures!


The session time for indoor is morning to mid-day and we schedule around your baby's routine. We will want to photograph right after a nap and being fed. Above all else, we want a happy baby!



smash cake

Smash cakes can be done indoors or outdoors. You will provide the cake so that you can choose the color, style, and taste that is best for your baby.


Please be mindful of allergies if there are any foods your baby hasn’t eaten before. We want to avoid an allergic reaction at the session. It is recommended that your baby try the foods they will be eating in advance. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns.


Pancake smash with whipped cream

BIG bowl of strawberries to sit in and eat


Paint “splash” using edible paint

Donut smash


The possibilities are endless!


what to wear

Some may prefer to photograph baby in an outfit or two without cake. This is a beautiful way to remember your little one at this age and more simple in the planning. In this case, I recommend 2-3 outfits (most babies don’t love to be dressed and undressed). You know your baby best. If you are doing a smash cake, only one outfit is recommended before the cake.


Add accessories like suspenders, bow ties, and hats for boys. For girls turbans, flowers, bows, clips, or headbands are adorable.


You are welcome to have more clothing options on hand than you think we will use and I can give recommendations based on what you have.










smash cake boys

For your little prince’s smash cake, my recommendation is that your little boy wear jeans or pants of any kind (roll the pant legs) or a simple diaper cover and no shirt. Keep in mind that shorts may show the diaper when they are sitting which isn’t favorable. Bare feet look best!


Bow ties, neckties, suspenders, or hats of any kind can be a nice touch!








smash cake girls

For your little lady’s smash cake, my recommendation is that she wear a tutu or bloomers. The more ruffles and frills, the better! You could also put her in a skirt (with a diaper cover underneath). Shirt off is cute. Be sure you cannot see her diaper when she sits. She will look best with bare feet!


Girls look adorable with a clip, flower, headwrap, turbine, or headband. I recommend checking out for ideas. Pearls (or a necklace of some kind) are a sweet touch!






bucket baths

All baby sessions (indoor or outdoor) can be concluded with a warm water bath if you desire and if you haven't done one yet as a baby plan member.


These can be so fun and cute! It is also a great way to get a fussy baby happy. Options for the bath include fruit, flowers, or greenery. We will want to add about 2 cups of milk to the warm water to make it creamy, which I ask you to provide so that you can use your own milk preference (cow’s milk, powdered/dry milk, goat milk, formula, or breast milk). If using breast milk, we may need a little more to achieve a richer color. If we are in your home, a large kitchen sink is also a lovely option. I will bring the bucket and the fruit, flowers, or greenery. There is a space to indicate your preference on the questionnaire below.



when should we photograph?

Baby can be almost a year, or shortly after their first birthday. Whatever is best for you.

how long will the session last?

You can expect the session to last about an hour. I don’t put a time limit on it, but we all know your little one will! I will work fast so we complete their session within their limited attention span.

is the session for baby only?

Yes. If you would like to upgrade to a family session, you can do that! It will change the structure a bit and in that case I don't recommend doing a cake or bath. I find baby's limited attention span doesn't allow for these extras.

what if we want both types of sessions?

If you want both a smash cake and a family session, I recommend two sessions. You will receive a discount on the second session.

what if baby is clingy?

In the event that baby prefers to be in your arms, I recommend you come ready to be in the pictures (just in case - even though it doesn't happen often). Because the traditional one year session is designed for baby only, you will only be photographed as a last resort.

what do you bring?

I bring baskets, bowls, and other minimal props. If we're doing a bath, I bring the bucket and warm water (for outdoors), and the fruit, flowers, or greenery. If we're doing cake outdoors, I bring a blanket.

What should I bring?

Bring outfits and accessories. If you are doing a bath, please also bring 2 cups of milk and a towel to dry off baby. If you're doing cake, in addition to bringing the cake, have something to clean off baby at the end.

what kind of cake should I get?

A 6" round is a perfect size. Any cake flavor, color, and design is great. Just tell your bakery that you need soft icing since it's for a smash cake. One mom iced a round banana bread she made herself. You have options! Some bakeries will include a complimentary smash cake when you order an additional cake for the party, so ask! There is a place in the questionnaire to indicate if you need bakery recommendations.

should I bring a cake stand?

I find having the cake on the ground without a stand is a good height so it doesn't cover baby. However, if you would like a stand, you're welcome to bring one; just be sure it sits low to the ground.

should I bring a stroller?

If we'll be outdoors, yes!

What if my home doesn't have good light?

If you choose the session in your home, we will need bright window light. If you don't feel your home has good light, there are two alternatives if the session is too cold for outdoors: my home, or a studio rental for additional fees. Usually newer homes have better window light, and older homes don't because of their smaller windows.

how should I prepare my home?

Please have the house a little warmer than usual so baby will be comfortable without shirt on if we do any of those shots.

can my twins be photographed?

Yes! I love multiples. The session can include your multiples. Additional fees will apply.

What about bad weather?

For outdoor sessions, a reschedule may be necessary, or moving the time. For indoor, if we have a particularly overcast day, or snow, it may not provide us with enough natural window light. In this event, I will reach out to suggest moving the day to a sunny one.

when is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of the session. Please indicate your payment preference on the questionnaire. I will send you the appropriate invoice right before the session so it's handy.

are the images edited?

Yes! Every single one of your images is professionally edited. If baby has any scratches or blemishes, they can be removed.

how soon will I receive my images?

Your images will be delivered within 2 weeks of your session.

what if I have more questions?

Feel free to include them on the questionnaire, or reach out by email.



Please be sure to complete each field of the questionnaire below. It will help me plan for our time together!



















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