Indoor Seven Month Baby Milestones Session | Rory

Us moms think we’ll never forget the way they belly laughed, or their soft baby skin, the way they snuggled when they were tired, or their beautiful eyes looking intently into ours when we bottle or breast fed them. But us moms do forget. Take it from a mom whose boys are now older. Some of those details fade in our memories over time. That is one reason I love baby milestone sessions!

Meet Rory, once again! His adorable newborn session was sure hard to beat. But I couldn’t be any more delighted with how Rory’s most recent milestone was captured now that he’s sitting. I love it! If you’ve been on the fence about booking your baby session, I’m sure Rory will help you make up your mind that this sweet stage is worth remembering in such a meaningful way. Here’s more about Rory from mom.

What makes Rory smile? 

Mommy, big brother R, and Daddy – in that order. 

What are some of his favorite things to do? 

Rory loves doing anything that involves his big brother. He especially loves playing in his little activity table and bath time. He loves playing with balls of all shapes, sizes and textures and his big brother’s trucks and cars. He loves going on walks in the stroller and taking in his surroundings. He loves laying on his back and grabbing his toes and rolling from his back to his tummy.  

How has his personality changed in these short 7 months? 

Rory was a little fussy and had a hard time sleeping those first couple months. But as soon as he hit that two month mark, his little personality came to life and he has just been a ball of smiles, giggles and sweetness even on his worst days. If there is one word I could use to describe his personality, it would be sweet. 

Describe his place in your family of four. 

I keep saying that he’s going to be the life of the party in our family. He is such a happy little guy – smiling and giggling all the time. I think Rory will bring lots of fun, jokes and laughter to our home. I also think that he and his big brother are going to be the best of friends. I am so excited to see the dynamic grow. 

What milestones has he recently accomplished? 

Rory recently got his first tooth! It made for some difficult nights of sleep, but he’s a tough little guy and he powered through the pain. He also started giving mommy sweet, slobbery kisses of which I just can’t get enough!

What is one thing you don’t want to forget about this stage he is in right now? 

Everything! It’s too hard to pick just one thing. I want to remember the way he smells and the feel of his warm, soft, fuzzy head next to my cheek when I am holding him on my shoulder. I want to remember his infectious smile and the sound of his giggles and sweet coos. I want to remember his beautiful brown eyes looking up at me every night before bedtime. I want to remember his curiosity and how he studies anything new he can get his hands on. There are too many things that I just love about this stage and I don’t want to forget any of it. I hope these pictures will be an everlasting reminder for me of these precious moments in time. 

Congrats on these sweet milestones Rory and family. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Parker, Colorado Baby Photographer
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