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Meet Jamie

It’s that moment in time when nothing else matters than to be with the ones you love. But face it! We all know how messy real life gets. We don’t always get things right. This is why we must rely upon a love that goes deeper. Forgiveness. These are the essential elements that make up a family. As a photographer, I have a passionate joy for curating moments of interaction, right there in the midst of the love, and all the messiness of life that accompanies it. I set it up, I step back and then I let the real story play out. YOUR story. Real, genuine moments full of love, full of laughter, and full of YOUR life! Elliot Erwitt said, “Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things we see and everything to do with the way we see them.” I see the world through eyes that have experienced joy and pain, blessing and sorrow, victory and defeat, mercy, grace and a greater love than I could ever give in return. Because of these things, I am a better person.

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